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Guide to Poker Tournament Formats

In the past few years, Poker has become very popular around the Globe. It does not mean that Poker was not there; it was always there, but not so popular as now. To play Poker, one should have to know the tournament formats first. So in this article, I’m going to share a guide to Poker tournament formats.

Tournament formats

There are mainly three formats present around the globe. They are listed below

Single Table Tournaments:

As the name suggests, this tournament usually starts with players sitting together on a table and ends when a particular person wins the game. There is no elimination, only one person wins.

table tournaments

Sit – n – go (SNG):

This tournament is similar to the previous one, though it has no fixed time. It starts when a set number of players register to play.

Multi-Table Tournaments:

Among all of these three tournaments, this tournament has many formats. The formats are –

○        Turbo – The blinds in this tournament increase faster than other tournaments, and you have to change your strategies to stay for the end constantly.

○        Satellite – This tournament has two levels. Players have to compete with each other to go to a higher level. You can earn more money with a minimum amount of money.

○        Super Satellite – This tournament is also the same as the previous one. The buy-in on this tournament is low, and it is suitable for those who have not much money.

○        Guaranteed – This tournament starts with very few players. The organizers announce fixed prize money for the winner of the game.

○        Rebuy – In this game, you can re-buy if you lose your whole stock. You will get an option to add your chips.

○        Limited Re – buy – This is similar to the previous one, but the only difference is that the re-buy is limited. That means you can’t buy as many as you want.

These are the most popular formats across the world.  But there are also some Multi-Table Tournaments present, like Freezeout, Shootout, Deep Stac, Heads Up, Knock Out, Steps, Series. Here I have given you a rough idea of the formats of Poker games. I hope this will help you.