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Card Counting in Poker

Poker is a popular game to overcome your boredom and win reasonable sums of money. By using Card counting in poker, you can win large sums effectively. But, note that card counting in poker is different from blackjack. To understand card counting in poker, give this article a read where I will provide some information to help you make money counting cards in a casino.

Card counting process

The basic concept of card counting is the same as in blackjack. You have to track the cards remaining in the deck. Understand which cards can help you. After getting your cards, think for a minute which cards can be a golden pick, then play accordingly.

Card calculation

This process can take some time at first. But trust me, card calculation is better to do at first when you get your cards. Otherwise, you have to do this in the middle of a hand and make it hard to focus on your opponent’s cards. In this step, you have to count every card you have and think to help you win. In this step, you have to count every card you have and think about it to help you succeed. By doing this at first, you will save time in the middle of a hand and focus on your play, not on your cards.

Pot Equity calculation

The next step is to calculate the Pot Equity. You have to arrange your card in such a manner that you can win the game or rake the Pot. That is called Equity. There is an elementary rule to find your Equity, called The Rule of 4 and 2 or the 2x and 4x rule.

This rule will only work if you are in a flop. So, do not use this when you are not in such a condition.


The 2x and 4x Rule

This rule is used to calculate the Pot Equity. In the flop, you have to multiply the number of outs by the number 4. In turn, you have to do the same but with 2 to find the Equity. This rule is not precisely accurate, but it is enough to find our Equity in the middle of a game.

So, these were some of the proven methods for counting cards in poker. We hope our article was helpful to you.