dopamine release

Pathological Gambling and dopamine synthesis

Pathological gambling is increasing day by day in the USA and other countries. The simple meaning of pathological gambling is being addicted to gambling that interrupts your daily life and affects your health. This addiction is not permanent. If you use your brain wisely, you can get out of it in 3-4 months.

What is Dopamine?

Our body is packed with different enzymes, and every enzyme has its function. Many of these are responsible for our behaviour one such enzyme is dopamine. It is the hormone released by our body when we are excited or happy. When we play gambling, we get excited and pleased at some point in time, leading to dopamine release in the body. Pathological gambling and dopamine synthesis are related to each other at a significant level.

hormonesHow are they Related?

When the body releases dopamine, you will start feeling more emotions, be it high level or low. Regular gambling will make your behaviour compulsive, and you will also get angry and conscious of tiny things. Gambling addiction and dopamine levels are worse for your brain and health. Several people who are pathological gamblers suffer from withdrawal in the future. They will also face some severe gambling disorders, which can affect their whole life.

Why is Dopamine the Centre for Gambling Disorders?

You might think, how central is dopamine to gambling disorder? Let me tell you that it is one of the leading causes of such conditions. Once you go through the brain chemistry with dopamine, you will understand that gambling increases your body’s dopamine level. Your body’s nerves will send a message to your brain cells to release more such hormones. You will be so high with the chemicals that you will not know what decisions you are making in gambling. Research also suggests that dopamine is capable of dominating your brain system.

After-effects of Pathological Gambling

After the regular release of dopamine, your brain will set a routine for releasing dopamine. After which, it will be hard for you to take up your daily activities. Suddenly your behaviour will change with your family and friends. Pathological gambling will cease your brain to function. The hormone release will make your brain system weaken, and it will take charge of your brain. You will act impulsively in every situation of your life.

Is it Possible to Cure it?

If you decide to quit pathological gambling, then you will need some months to cover. After the months, your brain will come to the daily routine. But sometimes, you will have withdrawal symptoms. This is why experts suggest that pathological gambling is not too good for your health.