Roger Berry

Roger Berry is an experienced web author and blogger. He has over three years of experience as a freelance journalist and writer. Prior to joining World Commons Week, Roger worked as a columnist for a US newspaper. His hobbies include climbing and diving. He is also particularly interested in gambling sector innovations.

Berry and his experience bring special value to our authors’ team.

Thomas Brooke

Thomas Brooke has been a freelance author for two years. He is really interested in the gambling industry and he even has some experience as a freelance beta tester for a big software provider. However, he prefers writing about the industry to being an actual player. He enjoys travelling and watching poker tournaments.

Besides the fact that Brooke’s favorite topics are related to poker players, he presents news on variety of topics.

William Roth

William Roth holds a degree in Psychology, but it was after his graduation that he found his real passion – writing. Previously, he worked for a local news magazine. He has great experience in covering news on a variety of topics. He loves listening to music and playing poker with friends.

William likes his job at World Commons Week, for here he is able to present the latest news from around the world.