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Every year more than one million students complete their high school and apply to different colleges. They have to fill out various college applications from other websites, but here is a great solution to help you with this process and make it easy. You can use this common app to fill multiple college applications by just filling on a centralised application. Applying to college with a common app is one of the most accessible processes.

For using this app, you should know all about the common app, and the following is excellent information about the common app. Following is the guide to common application –

What is the Common app?

The common app is one of the free applications accepted by several colleges and universities in the USA and abroad. They will provide you with a standard form that you can use to apply to several different colleges. You can also use this app for other things, such as researching various colleges, making a list of the colleges, and applying for a scholarship from this app.

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Where will you find this common app?

You don’t have to pay for using this app, and you can find this common app on the website. Most USA and Abroad colleges will provide you with a standard app link on their official site. It will be comfortable for the students to apply for colleges. When you fill the application in the common app, you don’t have to pay, but you have to pay for a specific college’s application fees. You will get information about the payment on the common app. Application varies from college to college.

When should you begin to apply on the common app?

Every year, a common app will be updated on 1 August. Before you apply to the colleges, you can create the practice account on a common app in which you will provide the different features of the platform. It will give you an idea about how to fill the application. Before August, you have to create your account on the platform and fill out all the personal information. This step will make you familiar with the application process and with the common app. College common applications will save some time, and you can also apply to different colleges with one application.

All the above information will provide you with enough information about the common app. It will also give some tips for how and when to use this app.