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Most Volatile Forex Currency Pairs To Trade

The most volatile forex currency pairs to trade might make you scared or anxious, but it’s not like that in reality. You need to follow the fundamental principle that is to pair the stronger currency with the weaker one. To make things a little easier for you, here are the most traded currency pairs: –


The US dollar versus the South Korean won is the most volatile currency pair and thus makes easier profits but at the same time can cause more manageable losses as well.


The US dollar versus the Brazilian real is quite popular among aggressive investors, but you got to be a little careful.


The Australian dollar versus the Japanese yen can be a good choice because investors consider the Japanese yen to be a haven currency.


The New Zealand dollar versus the Japanese yen is quite a brilliant pair as the new Zealand dollar fluctuates a lot, but the Japanese yen remains constant.


The Euro versus the Pound has become a very volatile pair since 2016 as the UK is no longer a part of Europe.


The Canadian dollar versus the Japanese yen is a fantastic pair because of the two’s oil trade.


The pound versus the Australian dollar fluctuates a lot because of the exports from Australia.


The US dollar versus the South African rand is super easy to trade because of the gold export from South Africa.


The US dollar versus the Turkish lira can easily be an advantage because of the two’s political issues.


The US dollar versus the Mexican peso is the most volatile currency pair since trump became the president.

It’s hard to tell which currency pair is most profitable in forex as the market fluctuates day-to-day. But if I have to say any, it would be the ones with Japanese Yen as it is uncertain.

Markets may vary daily, so invest carefully and consider the economic behaviours of different countries worldwide, especially during this pandemic situation. All the best!